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Services to distance learners

The library places an emphasis on providing distance learners with the same services as students on campus.

Services to distance learners consist e.g. in photocopying  and sending of periodical articles, posting of material to students and inter-library loans. It should be emphasised that distance learners normally pay the same price for library services as other students.

Distance learners can connect to the University’s local network through VPN (Virtual Private Network). By connecting through VPN, users can access special subscriptions of the library, i.e. electronic resources (databases and e-journals) that are only accessible through the University’s local network. Guidelines on VPN connection are available in Moodle. 

Distance learners can expect flexibility in loan terms on material at the course reserve area.

Emphasis is placed on offering all students teaching and training in information literacy both at the beginning of their studies and later on as well, e.g. in relation to work on final projects. The objectives of this instruction are always to assist students, far and near, to become competent in information literacy so that they will as soon as possible become self-sufficient in the acquisition of sources and information.

Through Hlaðan distance learners can obtain reference material pertaining to courses, old examinations and other teaching material.

Distance learners can send enquiries to the library e-mail address,

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