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Neuro-psycho-social characteristics and effects of labor events


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About the project

This project is part of the research network: Building Intrapartum Research through Health – an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualizing physiological labour and birth (BIRHT) - COST Action IS 1405

The group’s aim is to research and describe the psychological process and experiences of natural childbirth. To answer the research question: What is the psychological experience of natural childbirth like and what are its components. The project started by systematic-reviewing of published scientific papers on women’s experiences of normal or natural childbirth. Once the psychological experience of childbirth has been describe from both women’s and professionals’ perspectives, childbirth related psychopathology i.e. birth related trauma and PPD will be analyzed.

Read more about the research network at the homepage of EU Birth Research Project


Ibone Olza Fernández, Associate professor, University of Alcalá, Spain
Sigfridur Inga Karlsdottir, Associate professor, University of Akureyri, Iceland
Sigridur Sia Jonsdottir, Doctoral candidate, Assistant professor, University of Akureyri, Iceland
Soo Down, Professor, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Maria Kazmierczak, Professor, University of Gdansk, Poland
Yael Benyamini, Professor, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Patricia Leahy-Warren, Professor University College Cork, Ireland
Andria Spyridou, Professor, University of Konstanz, Cyprus
Esther, Crespo-Mirasol, Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain
Lea, Takács, Professor, University of Karlova, Czech Republic
Priscilla J. Hall, Professor, Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Margaret Murphy, Professor, University College Cork National University of Ireland Ireland
Marianne  Nieuwenhuijze, Academie Verloskunde Maastricht, Holland


University of Alcalá, Spain
University of Central Lancashire, UK
University of Akureyri, Iceland
University of Gdansk, Poland
University College Cork, Ireland
University of Konstanz, Cyprus
University of Barcelona, Spain
University of Karlova, Czech Republic
Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Academie Verloskunde Maastricht, Holland

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