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E-journal: Íslenska ţjóđfélagiđ (Icelandic Society)

The e-journal Icelandic Society is intended to promote research and academic debate on Icelandic society as a particular sociological challenge. The journal is a forum for diverse studies of Icelandic society and input is encouraged from all specialisations within sociology and other social sciences disciplines, such as political science, anthropology, folklore, criminology and gender studies. The journal is also open to contributions from scholars in other disciplines (for example, geography, history, cultural studies or economics) that can increase understanding of our society as a sociological issue.

Contact the editors for details, Ingi Rúnar Eđvarđsson ( and Ţóroddur Bjarnason (

E-journal: Nordicum-Mediterraneum

The e-journal Nordicum-Mediterraneum is an international forum for inter- and multidisciplinary discussion and dissemination of scholarly literature on topics  concerning the Mediterranean countries in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries in the Mediterranean. Nordic-Mediterraneum is a forum for discussion on the common origin of these Euro-Asian nations and comparative analysis. Journal editors are Dr. Giorgio Baruchello, lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Akureyri, and Dr. Maurizio Tani, lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Iceland.

Access to the e-journal is free on the web and manuscripts may be submitted at any time (;

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