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About the project

The Arctic plays a key role in Earth's climate system and is a geographical area of growing strategic importance for European policy. In the Horizon2020-funded MSC-ITN MicroArctic, the next generation of Arctic microbiology and biogeochemistry experts are trained. The project will provide these future experts with a unique understanding of the fast changing Arctic environment and the factors that impact ecosystem and organism response to the warming Arctic. They will thus be able to respond to the need for governance and leadership in various aspects related to public, policy and commercial interests.


Oddur Vilhelmsson, Professor, School of Business and Science
Auður Sigurbjörnsdóttir, Adjunct, School of Business and Science
Ingeborg Klarenberg, PhD-student


Project co-ordinator: Alex Anesio, Professor at the School of Geographical Sciences, Bristol University
PhD-student‘s co-advisor: Ólafur S. Andrésson, Professor, University of Iceland
Other members: See the MicroArctic webpage


MicroArctic project MicroArctic project MicroArctic project


Publications in the MicroArctic project are listed at the MicroArctic home page

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