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The main task of the Centre of School Development involves advisory services to teachers and headmasters of preschools and primary schools in diverse development and improvement programmes in schools. The Centre initiates school and teaching innovations and introduces them to teachers, manages research in school operations as well as the channelling of information to teaching staff and the holding of conferences.

Primary emphasis of the Centre of School Development. The aim of school development is to improve work already established in schools. It is done by resorting to preventive measures or remedies. School development can also focus on further development of work that has already been defined as good and successful.

The Centre of School Development maintains the policy of adapting school development projects and improvements to the needs of those requesting assistance. Therefore, the aim of the service of this Centre focuses on schools and it is taken for granted that the staff members of each institute are the parties best suited to effect improvements.

The operations of the Centre of School Development strive to support personnel in improvement and development projects by using advisory services, project management, courses or other means that may be regarded as suitable in each instance. In the case of advisory services, results are founded on successful cooperation and mutual confidence of the experts in the Centre of School Development and the recipients of these services. Common definitions of the project dealt with are sought in each instance, the acquisition of clear information and the presentation of proposals on solutions.

Research at the Centre of School Development in schools matters can be conducted entirely on the initiative and responsibility of the Centre, but it can also be carried out in cooperation with staff members of schools and other institutes. Research can be qualitative, quantitative or conducted in the spirit of operations research, which involves the consolidation of research studies and school improvements in the same project. The Centre of School Development is interested in supporting such work in cooperation with schools and professionals associated with school operations.

Since the year 2002 the holding of conferences has been a permanent feature in the operations of the Centre of School Development which has staged two to three conferences annually. The projects focus on important phases in education and pedagogy and attempts are made to acquire the cooperation of the most competent experts at each time in order to enable them to impart their knowledge. In connection with the annual conference in April, seminars featuring study and work will be operated the day before the conference. Participants will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the specific issues presented at the conference.

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