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The University of Akureyri (UNAK) is a scientific and academic institute that conducts teaching and research in the academic disciplines of its schools. It is the largest university in the rural districts with strong ties to industries and various institutions in society, with a varied offering of courses of study and distance learning programmes. UNAK is a progressive university in the use of information technology and the development of teaching methods, e.g. distance learning.

Important for rural areas

The number of students who choose to enroll in distance learning has increased rapidly since the University was founded, and now around half the student body at UNAK are distance students. This means that one can acquire a university degree regardless of where one lives, which has proven very important for the rural areas of Iceland. UNAK cooperates with Continued Education Centres all over the country so that students have access to learning facilities. The studies and interaction mostly take place online and therefore it is important that the students have access to a fast and stable internet connection. The structure of the distance learning varies between the different subjects of UNAK. Some faculties use only the internet and Moodle while others also use video conferences. All distance learning students have to come to Akureyri once or twice each semester.

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