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The Student Counselling Service offers seminars for students at the University. There are, for example, seminars in general study skills, time management and exam-taking techniques. There are also seminars in how to cope with examination anxiety.

General Study Skills, Time Management and Exam-Taking Techniques

This seminar aims at training students in systematic work methods in their university studies. Matters such as reading skills, note taking skills, memory techniques, preparation of schedules and the concept of procrastination are discussed and worked with. Students also receive instruction about how to prepare for examinations, the reviewing of textbooks and schedules and efficiency in reviewing study material. General guidance is also given about healthy living during the school term and examination periods. This course is taught by the Student Counsellor and only offered online.

Exam Anxiety

This course discusses the concept of exam anxiety, how this anxiety can be controlled, and the remedial actions available to students because of exam anxiety. Relaxation techniques are taught in the course as well as other techniques that aim at anxiety control and management.

Please note that these courses and seminars are given in Icelandic but students who do not understand Icelandic are welcome to visit the Student Counsellor to seek counselling and obtain guidance on techniques and instructions how to cope with examination anxiety.

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