Valmynd Leit

To All Students at the University of Akureyri

Personal Note from the Student Counsellor: To All Students at The University of Akureyri 

I would like to give you one small but important piece of advice. Look at your studies here at the University of Akureyri as any other kind of work. There are guidelines indicating that a full course of study at university level is on average equivalent to a 40-60 hour work week. Everything is then included, reading, class attendance and whatever is required in terms of work contribution. I believe that this guideline applies to most students. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that this norm represents the average requirement and during some weeks either more work is required or less.

In order to be successful in university studies, sound planning and effective work methods as well as good time management are key factors. Therefore, it is wise to begin studying and paying attention to all aspects of study at the commencement of every semester while focusing consistently on studies until the next examination period.


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