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Student Registry

The Student Registry provides general services and information on UNAK, telephone answering service, issuing of certificates, procurement and the provision of office supplies to university staff. The tasks also include enrolment of new students, course and examination registration and cancellation.

Contact information:

The Student Registry Office is located in the A-building at Sólborg.
Opening hours (Office): Weekdays 8:00-16:00.

Tel. (Office): +354 460 8000.
 Fax: +354 460 8999.


  • Katrín Árnadóttir, Director,, tel. +354 460 8009.
  • Herdís Hulda Guðmannsdóttir, Office Clerk
  • Ásdís Sigríður Þorsteinsdóttir, Office Clerk
  • Sigrún Harðardóttir, Office Supervisor

Information on registration for courses and examinations

As we welcome you to the University of Akureyri, we want to take this opportunity to direct your attention to the following registration procedures for courses and examinations.

Home pages of students in the Ugla information system

Students can keep track of their selection of courses through their own home pages within the Ugla information system of the University of Akureyri. In order to access their home pages, students log on to Ugla with their username and password.

Students’ home pages contain e.g. course schedules, book lists, examination schedules, information on the courses in which the student concerned is registered at each time, a record of courses taken and grades, in addition to information on the number of credits submitted to the Icelandic Student Loan Fund - LÍN. If a student believes that information is wrongly recorded, or if changes need to be made regarding address, telephone number etc. the University’s Registration Office is to be notified accordingly as soon as possible. Please see the Ugla manual for further information.

Course registration and cancellations

Registration for courses and cancellations are performed electronically through the student home pages in the Ugla information system. All new students have already been registered for all first semester courses in the relevant programme of studies. The registration term for autumn semester courses for the upcoming academic year expires on 31 March each year. More detailed information on registration dates is published in the University calendar.

Confirmation of course registration

During the initial weeks of each semester, students are required to confirm their course registrations and at the same time students are given the opportunity to modify earlier registrations. Students’ selection of courses is confirmed electronically on their home page in the Ugla information system. The confirmation is equivalent to registration for the examination in the pertinent course. If students fail to confirm their course registration, they are regarded as having withdrawn from the course concerned. Their registration for the course is cancelled and they are removed from the list of students registered for the examination. Confirmation of course registrations for the autumn semester is conducted during the period from 25 August to 18 September, and by 20 January, all students shall have confirmed their registrations for courses in the spring semester.

Examination registration and cancellation

Registration for examinations in courses in which the student is not already registered is done by using forms available in the University’s Registration Office. Those students who plan to cancel their examination registrations in courses where they are already registered, shall use the same form. In order for such a registration to be valid, it must be signed. The application form shall include the name, student identification number, course number and semester. „Neglect by students to withdraw from an examination that they do not intend to take is tantamount to failing the course.“ On 6 November the registration and cancellation term for exams in the autumn semester expires, and on 31 March, the exam registration and cancellation term expires for the spring semester.

Sickness and repeat examinations

Sickness and repeat examinations are held at the beginning of January for autumn semester courses and at the end of May for spring semester courses. Registration for sickness and repeat examinations is performed through students’ home pages in the Ugla information system. Registration becomes valid only upon payment, cf. here below.

Sickness on examination day

Sickness on examination day is to be reported that same day to the University’s Student Registry section and shall be confirmed within five days by submitting a certificate from a physician. If students are sick on examination day, they are not automatically registered for a sickness exam. More detailed information on the rights and duties of students concerning exam management is to be found in the Examination Rules on the University website.


Certificates confirming attendance and academic record are issued at the University’s Registration Office. Students pay ISK 300 per copy. Students can also print out their academic record with  their name and identification number through their home page on the Ugla website.

Students with special needs

Disabled students or students with special needs which in some way constitute impediments in their studies are advised to contact the student counsellor, Solveig Hrafnsdóttir at, for further information on assistance available to them.


The University of Akureyri graduates students on the second weekend of June every year (Saturday). Students planning to graduate at that time are required to register for graduation at the office of the faculty concerned no later than 20 January. If a student decides not to graduate, he/she is required to notify the pertinent faculty office accordingly in writing no later than 30 April. Students in debt to the University of Akureyri and its institutes are not eligible to register for graduation.
More about graduation and the Diploma Supplement.

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