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Writing Centre of the University of Akureyri

The Writing Centre is located at the University Library

At the Writing Centre of the University of Akureyri, students can get help with everything to do with writing, such as with references, sources, templates and other technical issues, the structure of essays, how to write a research question, as well as everything to do with the Icelandic language. It is also possible to get help with English, although at this time, the Centre has no native English speaker.

Opening hours

For the time being, the Writing Centre will only be open once a week, on Thursdays from 14.00-16.00, but the plan is to increase the hours in the spring.

The Writing Centre is located at the University Library, room F213–214.


It is recommended that students book appointments. Each appointment lasts 30 minutes and on the booking site, you can see which appointments are available at each time. Clearly state your needs when you book. Notice that it is also possible to book appointments through Skype.

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