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Student Housing

Foreign students at the University of Akureyri include exchange students and degree-seeking students.

You should expect to pay approximately 60,000 - 70,000 ISK a month for renting a single room with access to a kitchen and bathroom. When renting a flat or a room it is customary to pay a month in advance as well as a security deposit. You should always have a written, signed lease. For more information on leases or to print out a lease in English, Polish or Icelandic, go to 

An exchange student is a student who comes to Akureyri through an exchange programme such as Nordplus, Erasmus, North2North, or through a bilateral agreement between the University of Akureyri and the student's home institution. The International Office assists exchange students in finding housing for the academic year/semester (20 August - 15 May). Exchange students therefore do not have to make other arrangements concerning housing unless they wish to. In that case, the International Office must be notified immediately.

The application for accommodation at the University’s Student Housing is under the link application forms but you can also find it here. Please send the Student Housing application to the International Office along with your exchange application and note that there are a limited number of rooms available. For those who do not receive a housing offer from the University’s Student Housing will however receive a housing offer from one of the guesthouses in Akureyri that UNAK is in collaboration with. Sometime after the deadline, you will receive a housing offer via e-mail. If you have not received a housing offer three weeks prior to your arrival, please feel free to contact the International Officer at the University of Akureyri at international(at)

The monthly rent can vary depending on the form of housing, but in general it is from about 50,000 - 65,000 ISK per month for a single room. The student is personally responsible for the room he/she rents. Students rent the rooms at their own responsibility and once they have confirmed the room to their given landlord, the contract is binding. It is therefore important to have all the necessary information before confirming the room. If students reject the room upon arrival or during their stay in Iceland, they must find other accommodation on their own. If students have to leave earlier than planned, the owner of the rented property must be notified as early as possible, at least one month in advance, and students cannot expect to get their insurance payment back.

The International Office assists but does not guarantee housing for foreign degree-seeking students. Foreign degree-seeking students can apply for a room at the University’s Student Housing on an equal basis with Icelandic students.

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