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Incoming exchange students

At the University of Akureyri we are receiving an increasing number of exchange students every year. All of these have found the opportunity of studying in the capital of North Iceland attractive for many reasons. 

An exchange student is a student who comes to Akureyri through an exchange programme such as Nordplus, Erasmus, North2North, or through a bilateral agreement between the University of Akureyri and the student's home institution. Free movers are not accepted.

Application deadlines for exchange students:

  • 15 May for the autumn semester and the full academic year (non-EU/EEA students 15 April)
  • 1 November for the spring semester (non-EU/EEA students 1 October).

At the University of Akureyri the principal language of instruction is Icelandic. Textbooks are mainly in English and Icelandic. Most schools offer some courses in English and some faculties allow international students to take their examinations in English during the first semester of study. This is, however, always subject to the approval of each school and individual instructors.

Specific information for exchange students:

Preparation courses in Icelandic for exchange students

The University of Akureyri offers four courses every academic year that aim to introduce the Icelandic language, community and nature for international students at the university. These courses are only available to student registered for a full study and to exchange students.  

Please contact the office for information at

Inform the National Registry of your departure

All international students need to go to the National Registry (where you applied for your Icelandic ID number) before leaving Iceland with the form Notification of Change of Address in Iceland, which can be downloaded from here. This indicates a change of address in Iceland; there is no form yet available for people moving from Iceland. You can also fax this form to +354 569 2949 after leaving Iceland, but it is advised to do this before leaving.

Other information:

  • Information about curriculum is under each school and faculty (see here)
  • General information about the University of Akureyri is under "About UNAK"
  • General Information about Iceland, the town of Akureyri, schools and student services is under "International"

Please contact the International Office if you have problems finding information. The telephone number is +354 460 8035 and the e-mail address is

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