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Outgoing exchange students

Student exchanges at the University of Akureyri have been increasing through the years. It is to be noted that the English word "university" has an international connotation. The role of universities is to work externally in international society on a basis that equals internal work in the local community.

The advantages of student exchanges are substantial for students. These include, for example, the following:

  • increased language skills
  • experience of a new school system
  • knowledge of customs and conventions of other nations
  • experience that is of use in industry later on

The main requisites that a student has to satisfy in order to participate in student exchanges under the auspices of the University of Akureyri are the following:

  • to have completed 60 ECTS credits
  • to go abroad in full collaboration with his/her university faculty

When students apply directly to their own faculties for taking one semester or one academic year at a foreign university and if courses of study are selected in full consultation with the faculty here at the University of Akureyri, the students are ensured that their studies at the foreign university will be assessed as University of Akureyri credits on their return home.

In brief, it may be stated that the process of study exchange is as follows:

  • the student contacts the International Office and expresses his/her interest in study exchange
  • the student selects a school
  • the student submits his/her selection of courses and the period of study exchange to the international student representative/department head/faculty dean, as applicable
  • the student applies to the school with the assistance of the University’s International Office
  • the student applies for grants, if they are available

In order to obtain information about a collaborative school of the University of Akureyri and possibilities of various grants, please examine the subpages of the web tree here on the side.

Further information is provided by the International Office at UNAK. Please contact or call 00354 460 8035.

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