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The University of Akureyri collaborates with schools in various ways. Firstly, there is the Nordplus Programme within the sphere of Nordic cooperation. Several Nordic schools at the university level participate in it. They operate either through a large open network or within small professional networks. It is possible to apply within this collaborative sphere. More information about the Nordplus programme here.

Secondly, bilateral agreements are made with schools through the Erasmus Programme. It offers the possibility of student and teacher exchanges and grants can be applied for in relation to these exchanges. More information on the Erasmus Programme here.

Thirdly, there is the North2North collaboration of universities in circumpolar regions. It is possible to apply for student exchange grants within this collaborative sphere. More information on the North2North programme here.

Finally, there are bilateral agreements with schools outside Europe. In this instance no grants are involved but school fees at host institutions are dropped. In effect, within this framework of possibilities students can be registered as students at the University of Akureyri, where they pay registration fees, but no fees are paid at the host institution. More info is provided by the International Office of UNAK. 

Partner universities arranged by faculties:

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School of Social Science and Humanities

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