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The University of Akureyri Erasmus Policy Statement (Overall Strategy)
The Institution agrees to publish this overall strategy (all three parts) on its website within one month after the signature of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education by the European Commission.

The application period expires on 1 March every year. Applications received after that deadline are placed on a waiting list.Further information is to be found on Erasmus+ website (just available in Icelandic)

ERASMUS enables students to pursue studies at universities or institutes of higher education in another participating country for a period of 3-12 months. Students are to be able to transfer from one university to another, without incurring any delay in their studies. The condition for the awarding of grants to students is that the university sending a student off on a student exchange assumes the obligation of assessing in full his/her studies abroad as constituting part of his/her studies at home, in accordance with the ECTS system.

Students in their first year of studies are not eligible for an Erasmus grant. In other regards studies at all university levels receive grants, including Doctoral studies. A collaborative agreement must be in force for the universities involved before any student exchange can take place. Grants are exclusively designed to cover travel expenses and additional costs sustained by students in transferring from one university to another, and other costs that they may have to pay because of language courses in connection with their studies abroad. Otherwise, students can be expected to retain their student loan or grant possibilities at home unchanged. Erasmus exchange students do not pay registration fees at the schools where they pursue their studies as guest students. 

Various reports and studies have disclosed that temporary studies in a foreign country can be very rewarding, both academically, personally and socially. The students’ knowledge of another country besides their homeland renders them more capable of adjusting to various conditions, it increases their competence in communicating with people of diverse educational backgrounds and it provides them with knowledge of European issues. This experience is also a major advantage when entering the job market.

Grants to students are of two types. On one hand, there are travel grants and on the other hand there are monthly payments towards defrayal of the costs of living. The grant amount can vary from one year to another.

What is an Erasmus grant? In order to facilitate student exchanges through ERASMUS, grants are awarded to defray travel expenses and additional costs relating to their study stays abroad. Students who do not receive grants can nevertheless enjoy the benefit of planned collaboration of European universities and they can travel to other countries as ERASMUS exchange students without grants.

Erasmus grants do not affect study loans from the Icelandic Student Loan Fund.

Where can I go?
Please see a list of cooperative universities divided by faculties here.

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