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Getting to Iceland and Akureyri

International travel
The following airline arrange flights to Iceland:

You can also use the DoHopservice to check the schedule of many airlines simultaneously.

Domestic travel
The international airport is located in Keflavk, a 45-minute drive from Reykjavk. Flybus runs in connection with flights to the Bus Terminal - BS, which is located by thedomestic airport in Reykjavk(see schedule at


The least expensive accommodation, both for members and guests, is at the Youth Hostel (Farfuglaheimili), Sundlaugavegur 34, 105 Reykjavk. Tel: +354 553 8110, fax: +354 588 9201. Various guesthouses offer accommodation that costs less in winter than during the high season of tourism.
The following website has lists of accommodation:
Accommodation throughout Iceland:
Accommodation in Akureyri:

Visa and residence permit

Students coming from countries outside the European Economic Area need a residence permit and also a visa. An application for a residence permit can be obtained from the web page of the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration Students must apply for a residence permit before obtaining a visa.

It is essential that students who need a residence permit studythe home page of the Directorate of Immigrationin detail.

The following documents need to accompany the application:

  1. an official criminal record certificate for the last five years
  2. Icelandic health insurance for the first six months of your stay in Iceland
  3. a statement of economic support, bank statement or letter from funding institute for the time period applied for
  4. a copy of your acceptance letter
  5. a confirmation of housing in Iceland
  6. a photocopy of your passport.

Students coming from countries inside the European Economic Area need a residence permit if they are staying for more than three months, but they can apply for this permit after they enter the country. Such students do not need visas.

Students coming from the Nordic countries do not need a residence permit but if they are staying for more than six months, they must bring the inter-nordiske flyttepapirer from their home municipality.

Inform the National Registry of your departure

All international students need to go to theNational Registry(where you applied for your Icelandic ID number) before leaving Iceland with the formNotification of Change of Address in Iceland, which can be downloaded from here. This indicates a change of address in Iceland; there is no form yet available for people moving from Iceland. You can also fax this form to +354 569 2949 after leaving Iceland, but it is advised to do this before leaving.


All information regarding healthcare in Iceland is to be foundhere.Please see also:

What to pack

The climate in Iceland varies and the daily weather is often unpredictable. It can be very windy and wet, even during summer, when the temperature is generally 10-12C. Autumn and winter are windy, dark seasons, usually cold during the day and at times below freezing. You will need warm clothing - a warm coat and waterproof shoes or boots are advisable. In Iceland we can never trust the weather. Remember that there is no such thing as bad weather, only a poor choice of clothes. You might need to bring sheets, a blanket and towels (ask your landlord).

Remember to pack:

  • Adaptor for electrical appliances (220V, frequency 50Hz)
  • Cash (Icelandic Kronas) or credit/debit card
  • Passport
  • Tickets and insurance papers
  • Acceptance letter from the university

Cost of living

Please see:

NOTE: the list is subject to change

Survival vocabulary

  • Bye= B
  • Cheers= Skl
  • Cold= Kalt
  • Could you help me, please?= Gtiru hjlpa mr?
  • Do you speak English?= Talaru ensku?
  • Goodbye= Bless
  • Good evening= Ga kvldi/Gott kvld
  • Good morning= Gan daginn
  • Good night= Ga ntt
  • Hello= Hall
  • Hi= H
  • How are you?= Hvernig hefuru a? (Hva segiru?)
  • How much?= Hversu miki?
  • How much does this cost?= Hve miki kostar etta?
  • I dont like this= Mr lkar ekki vi etta
  • I have to go now= g ver a fara nna
  • I like this= Mr lkar vi etta
  • Left= vinstri
  • Lets go!= Frum!
  • My name is= Nafn mitt er... (g heiti...)
  • Nice to meet you= Gaman a kynnast r
  • Okay= kei/Allt lagi
  • No= Nei
  • No thank you= Nei, takk
  • Right= hgri
  • See you= Sjumst
  • See you tomorrow= Sjumst morgun
  • See you tonight= Sjumst kvld

Schools & Faculties

School of Health Sciences

School of Business and Science

Distance Education?????

Graduate Studies????

School of Social Science and Humanities

Resarch Institutes????

University of Akureyri

Nordurslod 2 600 Akureyri, Iceland S. + 354 460 8000

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